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Company introduction

Company introduction

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  Mingguangshi Liuxiang pump industry limited company was founded in 1996, since its inception to now by the Yellow River dredging, dike etc.Years of experience in the construction of water conservancyOccupy a space for one person in the country, has coastal, rivers, inland river reservoir, sand pumping, dredging, mining, land reclamation and other fields, products are exported to Southeast asia.In 2011 September in Mingguang City Industrial Park, covers an area of 30000 more than 3 square meters, a total investment of 80000000 yuan, has built the first standard workshop of 16000 square, four workshops, annual production of 30000 sets of various types of pumps and accessories, the annual output value of 110000000 yuan, to absorb the employment of 110 people, including 65 skilled workers, the basic form of equipment supporting, technical support, spare parts for supporting the production system.

  Company's main products for ship amphibious sand suction pump, all kinds of remote pump, mud pump and water pump is widely used in agriculture, river dredging, drainage, reclaim land from the sea, sand mining, tailings transportation, reservoir, river dredging and other fields.
  The company by virtue of the the Yellow River dredging, dike and so on more than 10 years of experience in water conservancy construction,The formation of the "sand suction pump", "mud pump", "mining pump" three product technology platform, and actively carry out technological innovation and technological transformation, derived for all kinds of special industrial development with the associated pump more than 50 kinds of products, all the company production are in the same industry leading level in the same or. Liuxiang pump is one of the domestic large-scale pump production and sales enterprise.According to incomplete statistics, the province of the leading products in the market share of more than 60%, to become the province of the first-class enterprise.
  The company in the Anhui Agriculture University, signed a cooperation agreement, relying on the Anhui Agriculture University and other colleges and universities research and development strength, has established the Anhui province first fluid machinery research institute, based on their own, and gradually built a fluid mechanical province class. 2014 January through the ISO9001 quality management system, there are 5 products awarded the title of high-tech products.2014 was approved as a high-tech enterprise, the company has 44 patents, invention patent applications 24, 4 have into real trial stage; the utility model patent application 15; an application for a patent for design 5, currently has 20 patents authorized. Has been approved for the Chuzhou municipal "enterprise technology center", Chuzhou city "the integration of the two" model enterprise ", Chuzhou City, a sand suction pump engineering technology research center".   
  The company established its own sales network in the country along the coast of the main areas, improve the quality of service system, to provide quality products and excellent after sale service to customers.



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